The head guard is designed in a truly innovative and ergonomic way, inspired by the adidas «3 stripes» story on the protective section.

The holes on the top and sides enable both ventilation during training and optimal shock absorption, with its unique controlled density foam. Adjustment is easy, with a velcro: nylon fast strap system located at chin and at back.
Internal/external material is washable for improved hygiene.

  • Latest adidas design
  • The lightest headguard in its class
  • Less than 290gms!
  • Fully moulded
  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • Controlled-density foam
  • Holes at top and sides for ventilation
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Easy adjustment with nylon velcro fast-strap at chin and read
  • Can be used for various combat sports training
  • Available in Red, Blue or Black
  • ITF Approved (Blue and Red only)
  • WTF Approved (Blue, Red and White only)
  • WAKO Approved, Comes with WTF + WAKO chin and back straps
  • Probably the lightest head guard in its class for maximum comfort, Molded rubber foam material
  • NOTE: Headguard comes with a WTF Approved velcro strap that you can attach on the back. This is very easy to attach. If competing in a WTF event, the WTF velcro attachment must be on the headguard.